Why the SUBARU BOXER® Engine is Better

Positioning the pistons flat and turning the engine so it's going the same direction as the central driveshaft has allowed us to achieve some unique driving characteristics. Smoother performance comes from the horizontally opposed pistons. That reduced vibration can help an engine perform more reliably. Balance and stability result from a flat profile and low placement. And its layout has allowed us to build an all-wheel drive system with almost perfect side-to-side symmetry. The result is more confident, more comfortable, and more engaging driving.

Smoother Performance

In the SUBARU BOXER® engine, the pistons are laid flat, and move in 180-degree opposition to each other on a horizontal plane. When one piston moves, the piston opposite it moves in the other direction. That counter motion helps cancel out the vibration that the movement of the pistons cause. This means when you step on the accelerator the revs come on smooth. So the power is there when you need it, without ever compromising your comfort or control.

Increased Durability

Subaru vehicles are known for being rough and tumble, and being able to withstand years of tough conditions. We earned that reputation beginning with the way we build our engines. The flat design of the SUBARU BOXER® engine is inherently rigid, and we build each with great attention to strength and toughness. Also, power is produced with less vibration than other designs. An engine that is subjected to less vibration lasts longer. It's no wonder 94% of Subaru vehicles we've built in the last 10 years are still on the road today1.

Greater Agility

With the pistons laid on their sides, the engine block of the SUBARU BOXER® engine is flatter than other designs. Not only does the engine have a lower profile, but we also place it lower in the chassis. It's designed to be perfectly symmetrical side-to-side, for an exceptionally well-balanced package. The engine is generally the heaviest single part of a vehicle, and with such a well-balanced and low-center-of-gravity design, the SUBARU BOXER® engine helps keep the vehicle as a whole more balanced and more stable. This helps make the vehicle react more quickly to changes in direction, and more resistant to side-to-side motion during cornering.

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